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  • Nice place. Booze is cheaper here than in Kansas. Nice lady, classical music, Vivaldi concerti.
    By Cordelia B.
  • Dr. Guevara & staff take everything personal. At my 1st visit, I explained to her that I had sensitive teeth & lock-jaw. I always inform my new dentists of that issue right away. She said it would not be a problem. She assured me that she and her staff can handled sensitive teeth.

    On my 2nd visit, I waited 20 minutes before they seated me. When an assistant came in, she sat down and began to work right away. Confused, I asked what would they being doing b/c I had forgot what was discussed at my prior visit. The assistant got up and left me for another 15 minutes. Then a billing coordinator came in and explain to me what was going to happen. The more we talked, the more I asked reasonable questions like costs, time and what they would exactly being doing. She explained everything and I was comfortable to proceed with the work. The assistant came back & later got defensive w/ me for asking too many questions. I wasn't questioning her work but I was generally curious as to what was being done. I've had a lot of work done on my mouth so I like to know what's going on.

    On my 3rd visit, they scheduled me on Dr. Ana's day off b/c no one wanted to work on me as the staff labeled me ""difficult"". Which was news to me considering I thought the last visit when went well. During the producure, which was re-filling 2 old cavities, Dr Ana also got defensive when I questioned why she was numbing me up twice in less than 20 minutes. She didn't explain but got more irritated when I expressed pain as they were drilling. Hey remember the sensitive teeth issue? Halfway through the visit, she expressed that she no longer wanted to work on me. Why would someone say that while in the midst of a procedure? When it was over, she ask me not to come back. When I tried to get her reasons, she didn't come off confident. That's when I found out how the staff labeled me 'difficult' and schedule me on her day off. I told her I thought she did good work and she ignored my remark. Instead, she said she could give me a referral. I asked her ""shouldn't it be about the care of my mouth and not my attitude?"". She agreed but said she has to think of her staff first. Then she explained that she treats every mouth like her mouth. And all I could think of was not every mouth is like your mouth. Some mouths can tolerate pain better & some can't, like mine. I decided right then that she wasn't the right dentist if she treats every mouth the same. She she handled me my records & refused to shake my hand when I offered. Because that is the professional thing to do. I didn't get the referral and the whole staff needs to grow a thicker skin.
    By firelady6
  • This place does not even deserve one star after the service my sister and I have received. We went in for matching tattoos on Aug 30 and thought everything was cool, until we got home and had a chance to fully look at the tattoos. Joe was our artist, and not only did he do crummy line work, he misspelled one of our words in the tat. We paid $200 each for a tattoo that is completely screwed up. My sister contacted them on their Facebook page about the errors and asked for at LEAST a partial refund, and we have had no contact back. Outside of true tattoo issue itself, the manager, Hero, was a complete snob about even doing our tattoo because it was too basic for his apparent talent. As I later watched him work on another customer, he kept stopping his work every five minutes to go change the music that was playing in the shop. I have over 20 tattoos and I've never been lwft with such a bad taste in my mouth. I would never recommend someone to go to this place.
    By Ami H.

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